Program Bites: Igniting Leadership Day 1

29 March 2017 By Catherine Bennett, Alfred Psychiatry

Day one of the Igniting Leadership Program 2017 was an interesting day of new connections, new information and, for some, a new way of thinking. The day started with a warm welcome and introduction to Leadership Victoria and the Igniting Leadership Program.

We heard from an inspirational speaker who shared their journey of adversity and personal growth. I was fascinated with this speaker’s experience of learning acceptance, and contentment with where they were in life and what they were able to achieve. Our second speaker shared a powerful story about identity and a change in philosophy. The speaker’s experience was one that I hadn’t heard a lot about before and I was able to see a different world-view to what I am used to seeing.

Next we shared our own experiences of being out of our comfort zone but with a positive outcome with our buddies. It was interesting to hear other’s experiences of being uncomfortable and how that person grew from that. We then learnt the similarities and differences between management and leadership – it’s not as simple as it sounds but if was very informative.

The afternoon speaker shared an engaging story about South Africa, readiness to lead and crucible moments that influenced the speaker’s life and leadership role. Through sharing her story, the speaker taught us about truth and authenticity in leadership – this is certainly something I will remember on my journey of leadership discovery.

We finished off with an educational presentation on the importance of leadership of self and others, the leadership trap and the four key competencies. It was very interesting to be able to relate a lot of this information to both my working life and my personal life.

It was a great start to the course and I look forward to learning more. 


Catherine Bennett, Consumer Consultant, Alfred Psychiatry