Program Bites: Igniting Leadership Day 3

5 April 2017 By Susannah Palmer

By the end of day 3, the consensus was... exhausted! We had an action packed day with speakers, group activities and delving into our strengths.

A "speed dating" activity didn't lead to love but it did give the group a chance to reconnect after a week apart, with weekends and work in between. The bridge building activity saw one functional bridge (out of three!!) which didn't win (ROBBED) but a lot of cooperation.

From Wendy Lundgaard, we learned that learning takes place in the struggle and to look outside your square for disrupters and left us with a warning... trends can be your worst enemy... something for the accountants to think about! Some of us (ok, me) struggled to remember the VUCA acronym, but the message that the world is changing at a rapid rate was not lost on the group.

Vicki Fraser presented a more free form approach to coaching. We talked a lot about motivation theory (if you push... they will push back). And encouraged us to think about identifying a challenging person in our teams and examine our role in the dynamics. Something to take back to the office!

Oenone led us through a Gallup session where we looked at our strengths in depth - the room was surprisingly quiet while everyone absorbed their own strength reports.

We left with a lot of processing to do but some new ideas and skills and looking forward to day 4. 

Susannah Palmer, WorkSafe Victoria