Program Bites: Health Sector Leadership Program

31 August 2017 By Arnav Chug

Ethical Leadership

The purpose of the program today was to consider ethical dimensions, have insight into our own practice and encourage others.

As a group, we considered the importance of being in a productive zone of disequilibrium to help elicit change. If an organisation and its members feel too safe or overwhelmed, change is unlikely. We learnt that influence, vision and ethics interplay to help with leadership whilst also gaining insight into how each individual’s ethical framework is different.


A few things certainly resonated with me, especially how leadership is not about authority, but rather about mobilising people towards a common goal and that by being an ATM (anxiety transfer machine), one can grasp a group’s level of anxiety and transfer it into something more productive.

During this module, I found myself constantly questioning my own leadership values, especially in regards to bystandership where I have chosen not to act on something inherently wrong, simply because it didn't affect me directly. Sometimes, it is important to get on the balcony and look down on the group to get a more holistic picture around the aims and objectives of the program to facilitate self development.

We also discussed ethical frameworks that guide our decision making, especially deontology and utilitarianism amidst ethical dilemmas and the implications of our actions in a legislative framework. Overall, this provided us with clarity in our decision making by shifting some focus on the repercussions of our actions. 

Arnav Chug, Pharmacist

1 - HSLP