Program Bites: African Leadership Development Program Day 5

10 September 2017 By Anne Mukankusi-Otyek

Leadership without Authority

This last week was our half-way point through the African Leadership Development Program. Today we discussed the theme of leadership without authority, how we affect others and how others have impacted us.

We watched a beautiful YouTube clip on Everyday leadership by Drew Dudley, wherein a small act of kindness gave someone (who was seconds away from quitting) courage to stay at university.

Our guest speaker shared his challenges of growing up in war torn home country and coming to Australia and valuing Education. Talk of commitment. He was at his school two hours before the gates opened! After learning English, he completed his VCE, successfully completed his degree now pursuing a master’s degree. He is a young man leading his community in Victoria and speaking to school kids in Australia and overseas on the value of education.

His challenge to us were two main things:

  • In order to change the game, you need to be in the game; and
  • In order to change the world, you have to change yourself first.

Key points from our discussions on our learning from the day were:

  • Take the initiative
  • Be the first follower
  • Life is a series of moments; we can step up to leadership at anyone of them
  • Get out of the comfort zone – “Get off the couch”
  • It’s not always easy/ safe to lead
  • There’s more that unifies us than separates us
  • Little things can make a huge impact
  • Step away from our bias; and
  • Believe in your passion.


Although we started off on shaky grounds, we persisted, had a good session and finished on a high note. Following a Communal lunch, a suggestion made in the previous session by one of our brilliant participants, three members of the group served us a scrumptious lunch. We all shared a meal and it was a good end to the day.


written by Anne Mukankusi-Otyek (Elephant Syndicate), Founder and Visionary - Authentic You. and President of Inyange Women Association