Problem solving for community organisations

20 March 2013

Jasper is a Client Manager for LV’s social impact volunteer program and, although now fully retired is actually doing three unpaid roles. His volunteering began three and half years ago, through Greatconnections, when he was semi retired and he was looking to become a board member for a Not for Profit. He found the board job and this continues to be one of the ‘jobs’ that he still does.

His volunteering evolved and he became a Client Manager a year later. “The role is very rewarding as you work with a variety of community organisations that you have an affinity with. You choose the organisations and get to know them, their issues and needs and then match a skilled volunteer to fill a gap,” comments Jasper.

The Client Manager becomes a problem solver for the organisation drilling down to find out what is needed to resolve an issue. As a GC client the community organisation is able to have three projects throughout the year ranging from having a mentor, director or specific support such as website redevelopment or HR. The pool of talented volunteers is then searched until a match found by the Client Manager.

“Matching the right skills to the organisation is the most challenging part of a project because if you get this right then it is really satisfying for the community organisation as well as the volunteer,” adds Jasper.

Jasper then attends the first meeting between the community organisation and the volunteer to ensure that the expectations of each party is as the project plan in terms of time, skills and goals. He will then monitor the project on a regular basis ensuring that any problems are ironed out quickly.

LV’s social impact team is looking for more client managers, so if you are wanting a new challenge please contact Sunita Varlamos email: