Mindful Leadership: Williamson 2016

16 July 2016 By The Weedy Seadragons, WCLP'16

Saturday was a day too good to be inside. Except when you are doing the WCLP’16 Saturday program. Being in the JJ Clark room was the place to be.

The main session was focussing on mindful leadership. The buzz around the room after the session closed gave the impression that for some it was the highlight of the year. Many questions about how to become more mindful were raised. My take-home was that ‘mindfulness leadership’ is when you are able to look at the problems you are enveloped in and reflect and then grow as a leader by developing. The nagging question in mind is ‘When should I be mindful and when should I roll up the sleeves and dive in?’.

The Rise Up Australia presentation highlighted that anyone has the right to run for Parliament, no matter what their ideas, values and creed. The democratic process is powerful as people express their support for these values and ideas. Just under 10,000 Victorians of 3.5 million expressed their support for Rise Up in the recent Victorian Senate election. 

During the presentation,s anecdotes and stories were presented and illustrated their power, enduring methodology as a leadership method. Questions were answered by illustrations around personal experiences and little evidence. It tended to harden the audience’s views rather than develop common understanding. It highlighted how some may feel comforted with the stories. Whilst those that the stories didn't resonate with felt their blood pressure rise. Questions looking for evidence-based answer were batted away with anecdotes. Questions based on experience and insight were ignored. Questions with passion, evidence and experiences were ignored and topics changed. 


The Weedy Seadragons syndicate: Sonja Bauer, Marg Burge, Chris Corbell, Belinda McKay, James Piplios, Bridget Sebire, Chris Sounness, Jessica Zammit