Melbourne Knowledge Week

24 January 2013

On the 30th November 2012, Leadership Victoria participated in the City of Melbourne's Knowledge Week. The LV event, Leading Conversations: Changing Communications in the Leadership Landscape, was an interesting and in-depth conversation between the Honourable John Cain and Dr Meg Simons, hosted by Michael Short.  The topic canvassed leadership in a time of changing communication styles. Mr Cain, former Premier of Victoria, spoke in favour of using traditional communication methods such as letter writing, face-to-face meetings and the telephone to converse with constituents and colleagues. Dr Simons, Director of the Centre of Advanced Journalism at the University of Melbourne, provided another perspective, considering the use of social media and changing communication channels. She believes adapting to these changes will be vital for communication in the future.

Our thanks to our guests speakers for a strong and thought-provoking debate.