State Trustees and LV: New partnership to foster strong leaders

6 August 2012

New partnership to foster strong leaders in a time of complex social change

State Trustees and Leadership Victoria have announced a practical new partnership working together to develop a new pool of leaders who can steer positive change in Victoria.

In explaining the purpose of the exciting partnership, Craig Dent, General Manager of State Trustees said the timing of the announcement is significant.

“Both organisations recognise that as our overall population ages, so too will the number of vulnerable Victorians increase. We believe that such social challenges will require our decision-makers to be able to develop informed and inspired solutions,” he said.

State Trustees is a Victorian government-owned public trustee company. Its responsibilities include helping to protect the financial and legal affairs of vulnerable Victorians who are unable to do so themselves - acting for more than 9,000 Victorians with a disability, illness or injury who need help in managing their financial affairs.

Leadership Victoria is a highly-regarded community organisation which invests in leadership development programs for emerging leaders across all sectors and generations. One of these is the much sought-after Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP).

For its part, State Trustees Managing Director Tony Fitzgerald said that State Trustees realises that it needs to do more than provide its services. He said it also needs to look at social trends and plan for the future, adapting to the complex changes in society that are happening around us.

“Both of our organisations believe in developing the capability of managers, to deal with challenging issues confronting society. We want to work together to create leaders for the future who can and will drive social change,” he said.

Leadership Victoria’s Executive Director Richard Dent said the partnership aims to help make a difference in our community on behalf of all Victorians.

“The vision and values of both State Trustees and Leadership Victoria strongly align – both are client-driven, community-focused, relevant, accessible, committed, caring, trusted, ethical, professional and united.”

“We look forward to working in partnership with State Trustees, to help develop leaders for ‘social impact’ – people who can lead and inspire others, identify solutions to local problems and create positive change,” Richard Dent said.

One example of the new partnership in action, was a visit by a group of participants from Leadership Victoria’s Williamson Community Leadership Program, to a State Trustees’ customer service centre. The visit exposed the Williamson participants to the daily demands and issues of Represented Persons who attend the centre, and dealt with each day by State Trustees’ client consultants.

Tony Fitzgerald said State Trustees has played an important role in the lives of Victorians since 1939.

“Whether we are writing a Will, acting as a Financial Power of Attorney, administrator of a Deceased Estate or Trust, State Trustees works in the best interests of the client,” he said.

“But perhaps less well known is the fact that State Trustees also has the responsibility of helping protect and representing vulnerable Victorians, by court order.

“In cases where a member of our community does not have physical or mental capacity, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal can make a court order for State Trustees to fully take over the management of their financial affairs. In this way they become what is called a Represented Person,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

He said State Trustees is also committed to advocating on behalf of its clients on issueS of financial elder abuse, as well as contributing to the development of legal national standards on guardianship administration.

Richard Dent said that Leadership Victoria runs visionary programs to develop outstanding leaders who can identify and address issues that demand exceptional leadership.

“Leadership Victoria began in 1989 as the Williamson Community Leadership Program."

"Our leadership development program goes from strength to strength. But it maintains its original goal –which is to foster and develop a new generation of excellent leaders.”

“Leadership Victoria’s Williamson leadership development model has become the inspiration for like-minded organisations in Australia, as well as overseas.”

“Alumni of our programs contribute to hundreds of community organisations in Victoria, and 100% of any proceeds from LV activities are used to support charitable causes," Richard Dent said.

State Trustees and Leadership Victoria said they are both confident that their partnership towards fostering excellence in leadership, will help make a positive difference in the Victorian community in the years to come.


About State Trustees  

A Victorian State Government-owned business, State Trustees’ core services include providing administrative services for people with a disability, Will preparation, acting under an Enduring Power of Attorney, acting as executor or administrator of estates, and the provision of general Trustee and related services for the Victorian community.

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About Leadership Victoria

Leadership Victoria is a non-profit social enterprise which has been developing leaders for their organisations and for social impact since 1990.

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