LV's First Foresight Forum - A Leadership Lab Event

21 September 2010 By Leadership

Chris Kotur
Chris Kotur

On Tuesday 17th August LV was pleased to welcome six eminent leaders to take part in our Foresight Forum,one of a number of key initiatives held under the banner of LV’s Leadership Lab. The Forum took the form of  a conversation with Leader-in-Residence Chris Kotur (WCLP ’94) and LV staff. Kate Burns, YMCA Youth Parliament; Mary Crooks, Victorian Women’s Trust; Peter Ellyard, Preferred Futures Group; Prof Andrea Hull, Cultural Change; John Thwaites, Climate Group and Janice van Reyk, Citywide; spent the morning in discussion about the key issues they identified that will require exceptional leadership over the next decade, and how LV might might best prepare our future leaders to navigate these issues.

Chris prepared a presentation on the pressing issues WCLP participants identified in 2000, in comparison with the  current intake. Not surprisingly, many similar issues remained on the agenda. Chris prefaced the discussion with the question, “If Hugh Williamson were alive today, what would be his thoughts regarding leadership in 2010?”.

Noting that the undertow of history is important but that leadership patterns change over time, Chris asked the participants to look to the future with a healthy dose of optimism.

The participants maintained Chatham House rules, kept a conversational style and were asked to challenge LV with their thoughts. With this caveat in place, the discussion was lively and spirited.

In the debrief after the forum, the LV team was pleased that many of the issues and themes that were raised during the forum have already been identified by LV as important areas of future development in the leadership arena. The changes the organisation has undergone in the past year are in line with many of the leadership views of the key thinkers in the forum.

The Foresight Forum provided a wealth of information for the team at LV. A summary paper is currently being produced to include several of the key points raised in the Forum with a view to incorporating these into future LV programs.