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20 June 2015 By

Reflection from Day 1 of Women's Leadership Program, 17 June 2015

Question to consider at 9.30am on a Wednesday... Would you kill the weakest person to save yourself and your fellow travellers if you were adrift on a lifeboat?

They are sick anyway (not a tempting thought, sick with what?) would you put them out of their misery and sacrifice one to save the greatest number? Would you eat them to stay alive? We took a straw poll and decided no, that would be murder! Ethics for breakfast is tough to stomach, no one wants to have to make that decision and it's challenging to think about it.

This is day one of the inaugural Leadership Victoria Women's Leadership program and the question is posed from CEO Richard Dent, who throws a few more curly dilemmas our way before setting sail. It's a great way to start a three day program with a group of women who are open and engaged to discuss the many, many challenges we all face in our professional and personal lives and looking for insight from each other and the program leaders.

There's a fair amount of apprehension in the room after this start. But there is also a lot of curiousity as we go through the Firo-B assessment, which indicates the way we interact with others, looking at the level of control, inclusion and affection. I'm surprised at the difference in my self assessment and the report I'm given, which makes me think a bit more about how I actually present myself to others.

But the best is about to come as Jacqui Cooper arrives and takes us on a rapid and entertaining trip through her story to reach her goal of world champion. The message of reliance and self belief is strong and while I'm not prepared to break almost every bone in my body to get to my goals it is so great to hear from an exceptional women offer her advice on how to get to where you want to.

The next speaker is the amazing Carmel Arthur who also shares her personal story and reinforces the importance of courage, resilience and self belief.

There's a lot to take in and reflect on so far and we are only part way through! Fortunately we are surrounded by the beauty of the Yarra Valley and that reflection is made easier by the wine tasting and conversation over dinner!


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