Leading in Times of Change with Simon Faivel, SVA

11 June 2015 By Lead Vic News

Simon Faivel, Director, Consulting, Social Ventures Australia (SVA) believes that leadership is

“… unlocking other people’s potential.”

Simon is presenting at LV's NFP Board C21 Conference: A Brave New World (24 and 25 July). Learn more.

We spent five minutes with Simon, discovering his top tips for an effective day as a leader of change.

How do you start each working day? Wake at 5am. Stretches then meditation.

What’s the best piece of leadership advice you’ve ever received?   Trust other people to deliver – you will be surprised

What does ‘community leadership’ mean to you? Creating better lives for the greatest number of people possible in my community

Your top tip for leading through times of change. Collaborate – it is bloody hard, but if you crack it, you will multiply your impact