Knox City Council LEAD1 Program - Day Two

22 April 2016 By Linda Keenahan, Katie Scott, Sara Shepherd, Niels Unger, Judy Wilding

The sun is shining, the aroma of bacon and eggs, the cows mooing and they continued to serenade us all day. Some of us went for morning walks, some of us enjoyed a sleep-in. A perfect way to start the second day of our overnight Immersion Experience, part of the Knox City Council LEAD1 Program.

The morning session started with some reflection on one of the program speakers, Anne Leadbeater - 'An Unlikely Leader'. Such a catastrophic event has had such a positive impact on her life/career. We shared many learning’s from Anne, relating them to leadership in local government and the local community.

We continued exploring the enneagram system (a tool to examine personality types) and how there are nine levels of development within each type. The top three are the high performance levels, with the aim to maintain a healthy level three. We learnt about the different levels for each enneagram type down to the ‘red spot’. It was lovely to sit outside soaking up the sunshine sharing with our buddies about our healthy levels.

We discussed the Arrows and that each Enneagram type has two connecting points. In different situations it is likely that we integrate or disintegrate. We all discussed situations in our work environment as to how this may play out.

We broke for lunch and were fortunate with the weather to eat outside and appreciate the colours of the autumn leaves and the beautiful view of the rolling hills and grape vines.

Straight back into it after lunch with Jason Clarke giving an energetic and powerful presentation on innovation and leadership. Quoting from Churchill –“Leadership is a collision between circumstance and decision”. We all enjoyed Jason’s antics and ability to describe the inner workings of local government and help us to relate to leadership styles back at Knox City Council.

Facilitator Tony Matthews, Leadership Victoria, introduced us to the key phases of the mentoring program and what to expect and look forward to. Mentor = A brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.

Our next and last activity was to workshop four of the community issues we had collectively come up with. We will work further on these in CLANs (Community Leadership Action Networks). The vibe in the room was busy with participants swapping from different issues. Something for us all to look forward to, albeit a lot of homework.

Our final farewell was with a one-word individual reflection. I’m sure many of us wanted to say ‘tired’ or ‘exhausted’, but there were myriad other words that shared our desire for this program to continue to develop our leadership skills.  Before leaving, we selected a postcard which is to be used to write our personal mission statement and returned when we get together again on Wednesday 25 May.


By Knox LEAD1 2016 participants Linda Keenahan, Katie Scott, Sara Shepherd, Niels Unger, Judy Wilding