Knox Lead Program - Day 3

7 June 2016 By Jeremy Angerson, Jodie Heriot and Felicity Smith

Good news - all present and accounted for.

Inner and outer circle work - sharing some illuminating, sometimes personal and always insightful thoughts with each other to warm us up for the day.

Buddy conversations gave us all the warm and fuzzies, and were completed with time to spare

Daniel Goleman's (internationally renowned psychologist) homework sheet propelled us into new vistas of leadership and the varying styles of leadership that help to identify our own styles and those of others. (Footnote - a good leader has the ability to fluidly and easily dance between a healthy mix of styles, given the requirements of the situation).

The guest speakers all shared heartfelt and compelling stories of their personal journey through leadership. Particular highlights included: understanding your core values, having respect for self, being present and mindful (moving between the balcony and the dance floor). All speakers had great passion and were driven to create meaningful change in society. Their perspectives were all unique and thoroughly engaging.

After some sustenance it was time to wheel out 'the coach' within. We explored coaching styles amongst ourselves where we could 'take risks with a soft landing' and where we could take our shoes off to step into someone else’s. We put our listening and questioning skills into practice, for the ‘coachees’ to self-identify solutions.

We ended the day on our Community Leadership Action Networks (CLAN): we locked in and chose a CLAN topic and spent some team time revisiting the issues and planning a path forward.

That's a wrap!


Written by Knox Lead Program participants Jeremy Angerson, Jodie Heriot and Felicity Smith.