Knox City Council LEAD1 Program - Day One

22 April 2016 By Yvonne Bechard, Knox City Council

A foggy arrival, hot air balloons in the morning sky, autumn colours on fading vines and a special “Knox” bird on the wing greeted us all on day one.

And so the journey began. Those of us from the colder parts of the world came prepared with extra bedding or checked the heating in the rooms early.

We jumped into the day with lots of banter and full of curiosity.

'One-on-one' moments were incredibly insightful. The take-away comments from the huge amount of content delivered and pondered over were a mixture of the following:

“There’s a lot of interesting people that I’ve never met at Council here!”

“The quietest people are sometimes the most succinct.”

“Learn from being uncomfortable.”

The loudest voices in the room aren’t necessarily the most informed or influential.”

“Stop going up!”





By Yvonne Bechard, Knox City Council LEAD1 Program participant