Kickstart Your Leadership Program - Day one reflection.

13 July 2015 By Grace Ong, County Court

Day one of the Kick-start Your Leadership Program was held in the historic Old Treasury Building. This provided a very elegant setting for the course, with the additional positive note that one of our fellow participants had had their wedding in the same building.

At the start of the day, all groups were set a role that had key tasks throughout the day. For example, each session was kept meticulously to the program by the team of clock watchers, our breaks were filled with music from the music-heads and our energy levels were reawakened periodically through stretching exercises led by the energisers. As the bloggers for the day my group and I were responsible for reporting on the highlights of the day’s events. 
On the topic of Adaptive Leadership, facilitator Richard Dent (CEO, Leadership Victoria) led us through an interesting assessment on the attributes of successful leaders, comparing the likes of Mother Teresa, Hitler and Bill Gates on their influence, vision and ethics

On a more personal level, some pre-course homework gave a bit of insight into each individual's own interpersonal needs through a FIRO-B assessment. The results displayed a significantly wide variance amongst all the participants and facilitator Katalin Howell walked us through the different leadership styles which apply to the extremes and mid range of the spectrum. It was reassuring to note that all the different FIRO-B profiles could make successful leaders and it wasn’t about fitting one particular profile.

Altogether day one of the program served as an excellent space to think about the work we do and why we do it. Looking forward to day two.

Grace Ong is the Senior Project Officer in the Court Excellence team of County Court. Her role manages and delivers projects which support the achievement of the County Court's business objectives.

 Kickstart Your Leadership is a leadership intensive delivered by Leadership Victoria that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. The program in this blog was designed for Court Services Victoria, with five cohorts going through the program.

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