18 July 2013

Just 18 months ago, Dave McNamara completed the Igniting Leadership Program. Today he is CEO of Foodbank Victoria.

Could he have done it without the five days of training?

“I had the skills but Igniting Leadership gave me the resources and understanding to use my strengths and to really understand my weaknesses. I learnt so much about leadership techniques from this including how to work with difficult people,” reflects Dave.

Reaffirming his value set and not letting anyone sway him from this was one of the highlights and has held him in good stead as he developed and built on the skills from the program. Patience and perseverance to keep working on the things that are important and to navigate around potential roadblocks in order to get the right outcome come from this.

“The biggest value add from the program was having five days away from the office and being able to focus solely on my personal development as a leader. I could focus on areas of weakness and opportunities.

“Leadership is not about an individual but about a team. It helped me to understand that I need to work with and nurture my team in a productive way using the techniques learnt on the program. It certainly ignited something for me!”