ILP Guest Blog Day 4

22 October 2013 By Alicia Colley, WorkSafe Victoria.

In the beginning, so many unanswered questions. Would this be another routine training program? Not likely! The expectation was set very early with a full and lively program. But could it really be as good as others have claimed? Enthusiastic Ignite Leadership participants were promised an energising, interesting and engaging program. Could our facilitator come through with the goods? If so, could this energy continue to day 4?

I’m pleased to say that energy levels remained high on day 4. By the end of the day there were signs of information overload, due to all the new insights into leadership that were gained.


I’d like to share a light bulb moment that has left a lasting impression on me from day 4 – People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it! This rings true with each of the guest speakers, who have clearly aligned their career with their personal strengthens and passion. These thought provoking speakers have delighted us with their stories and managed to share their knowledge in an interesting, engaging and informative way.

The group discussion and reflection time provided an opportunity to transform this new information into action. To share some deeply personal moments in a non-threatening environment allowed for honest and open discussion that was truly beneficial for all involved.

I’m looking forward to what will follow on day 5.

Now that the secret formula on how to be an ‘A’ grader has been revealed, there remains only one question for day 5.

Is this the best ignite leadership group of all time?

Alicia Colley, Business Compliance Officer WorkSafe Victoria. This is a leadership and advisory role with an emphasis on leading and facilitating legislative compliance and risk analysis across the organisation.