ILP Guest Blog: Day 4

30 April 2013 By Jenny Sim

The day started with us reflecting on the three leadership qualities we would like to develop. I found repeating this activity to be a very useful exercise as it served to reinforce the importance of focusing and developing on our leadership strengths.

Our first speaker of the day was James Garriock. James was an inspiring and engaging speaker. Through his personal journey, I saw in him the leadership traits we would like to acquire, bravery in the midst of adversity, resilience and authenticity. James’s pearls of wisdom, ranging from Leavitt’s diamond, culture and climate, engagement and alignment, were eagerly soaked up by us.


Then came the Man in Blue, Inspector Nigel Howard. Nigel reinforced the importance of having a strong support base as the journey of a leader can be lonely at times. Nigel also echoed the lessons we learned in the past few days that values shaped a leader’s decisions and behaviour.

Interspersed with the speakers are our group activities that bind us closer together as a team. We had literature review discussion, coaching session and revisited our workplace challenge. The day ended with one of the major highlights, our gratitude session. Personally, I find the simple act of appreciation and acknowledgement to be one of the major highlights. My only regret is that I missed Day 3, and with it the opportunities to interact and get to know the group members better.

Jenny Sim is the Discipline Head of Medical Radiations, School of Medical Sciences at RMIT University. Jenny’s role includes academic leadership and leading the team through a period of massive changes in higher education landscape.