ILP Guest Blog: Day 3

30 April 2013 By Emily Bogue

How are you? Three little words that count...

Self-awareness is a bit of a pain isn’t it? Here I am, quite content in my bubble – start at 8, head down, bum up, and when everyone else wanders in at 8.30 or 9 and chats away about their weekend or last night’s TV shows, I’m keeping the greetings to a bare minimum. I want to keep the workload under control and get out on time (yep, waaaay at the other end of the day - I’m thinking ahead).

I like to think that people see me as open and friendly, that I’m as approachable and easygoing as some of the best leaders in our workplace, that people feel they can approach me for support anytime.

But Ignite is making me re-think all this. What message is the head down, bum up approach sending? Am I being the person my colleagues need me to be? Am I using emotional intelligence to better understand those around me? Am I playing to my strengths?

Given that on the first day I identified my strength as talking, and I must admit I quite like it, there’s a missed opportunity here. If I’m to play up my strength by sharing useful information with people and talking to others when I’m seeking information, maybe getting involved in these every day conversations is a good thing.

And having reluctantly acknowledged that the opposite of talking is listening, there’s another chance for me to let others get a word in, and start to build my emotional intelligence, by just learning more about how the people around me are feeling.

So, how are you?