ILP Guest Blog; Day 2, 31 May 2013

4 June 2013 By Emma Edwardes, Department of Justice

The day started off with interesting discussion around the use of social media in spreading the word about leadership.  We were shown a clip the Dancing Man which emphasised the importance of the first follower in order for someone to become a leader. 

We then had a great presentation by Richard Dent, from Leadership Victoria, who gave an interesting insight into the history of leadership through various stages of human history.  For me, who has a degree in Archaeology this was fantastic!  There was discussion around different leadership styles in particular using the great LV model of leadership: Influence, Ethics and Vision. 

We then had the fantastic exercise of providing solutions to everyone's workplace challenge.  The process of getting into groups and each person having the opportunity to explain their workplace challenge, have the group then discuss and provide advice was fantastic.  It was an excellent exercise and an opportunity to gain experience in explaining a situation, having discussion and then providing advice.  It was an excellent group I was with and the advice was so beneficial.


We then had a great presentation form Niger Howard from Vic Pol and I really appreciated his honesty and open discussion around values and it helped me to consider my own personal values.

After the presentation we then got to understand our own values a lot more by receiving the results form our SDI survey.  It was no surprise to me that the survey showed my values in the 'blue category' as Altruistic-Nurturing.  What was helpful was explaining to the rest of the group what an Altruistic-Nurturing person’s strengths are and what rewards us, tips and misrepresentations.  This helped others to understand about my values and it also helped me to understand other people’s values types.

The day ended with a bit of fun ‘the Great Debate.’  I really went outside my comfort zone and volunteered myself to participate in the debate. The debate was - "To be a Leader do you need followers" It was a great debate and a lot of fun and a great way to end the first two days of the course.

The second day was fantastic not only because of the content and the discussions, but because the group are getting to know each other everyone was more relaxed, had fun and were very open and honest in the discussions and you can feel the group really bonding.