ILP Guest Blog: Day 1 30 May 2013

4 June 2013 By Josie Brown, State Trustees Ltd

I’ve been looking forward to the program for some time. I climbed the steps of the Old Treasury, a beautiful, grand 19th century building. It’s 8:30am on a cold and wet Melbourne day. In anticipation of the unknown I asked the attendant in the ground floor foyer if I was in the right place for Igniting Leadership. I sure was, there is no turning back now, up the stairs and to your right she directed.

What I soon learnt was that Louise, our facilitator for the program is wound up and ready to go, enthusiastic and ready to challenge us and our thinking. Our group of 23 participants is diverse, also enthusiastic and keen to learn about the mysteries of leadership.

It was a full day, focussed on leadership qualities, including two guest speakers who were brilliant; Sarah Davies – CEO at REACH and Matt Vincent – Director at the Environment Protection Authority.  The stories and experiences that they shared with us were honest, reflective and much appreciated by our group. Both demonstrated the value of being an authentic leader, sharing their life lessons, successes and what works for them as individuals.


What I wasn’t prepared for was the requirement to act in a skit to aid in our learning about the Ladder of Inference (brings back memories of high school drama class), the designated roles and responsibilities of each table (which will change each day I believe), and the requirement to reach deep into the core of who I am, and reflect on what leadership means for me, what I do and how I go about it (That can be tougher than you think)

The program presents a valuable opportunity to network and establish lasting connections. I thoroughly enjoyed day 1 and as I sit here writing this, the anticipation of day 2 has set in. Best I get some sleep, day 2 is sure to be jam packed with activities, healthy discussion, further exploration and inspiration.


Josie Brown is a Regional Manager for State Trustees Ltd. She leads 5 teams of consultants at their Dandenong office, who are responsible for the provision of core products and services to clients in the South East of Victoria.