ILP Guest Blog - Day 1 Series 4

2 September 2013 By Anne-Maree Westbury, EPA

It all started the day before the course when I caught up with my buddy Ken for coffee and a half hour chat before we had to introduce each other the next day. One and a half hours later we realised we really should get back to work and probably had more than enough information for the 2 min introduction, I also realised we would definitely be good buddies.

On day one we all discussed the difference between management and leadership, got to know each other better with buddy introductions and also had some one on one time with our buddies to chat about our ‘crucible’ – a challenging experience that we learnt from and transformed us in some way - this was a very inspiring discussion.

We had two amazing speakers on the first day, Sarah Davies and Matt Vincent, who gave totally of themselves in sharing their leadership experiences with us. These really were the highlight for me. Some things in their stories that stood out for me were:

‘Be authentic. Understand yourself and be yourself as a leader using your strengths. You were asked to do the role because of your strengths, don’t try to be like someone else’

‘Put good people around you and get out of their way, let them do what they do best’

‘Don’t win at all costs’

‘Realise everyone has a voice in their heads saying I am not good enough’

‘It is not about you being extraordinary, but doing extraordinary things’

‘Know your own ‘North Star’ - understand your vision, values and principles that you need to work within’

‘Expose yourself to feedback from many people’

Anne-Maree Westbury is a Senior Science and Technology Broker at EPA Victoria. Her role includes managing EPA’s Research and Development Program and working with some very smart, fun and talented people within EPA and it’s external research partnerships, connecting them up with the knowledge they need to do their job.