ILP Guest Blog - Day 1

2 September 2013 By Louise Close, Worksafe

Looking for ‘leadership from the middle’ and lessons learned from management challenges - two very different perspectives on leadership that were just some of the thought provoking concepts raised on Day 1 of Leadership Victoria’s Igniting Leadership course.

Sarah Davies from the Reach Foundation and Matt Vincent from the Environment Protection Authority shared their perspectives on what leadership means to them, and what they’ve learned along the way.  Both speakers were engaging and generous when talking about their experiences (good and bad!), and left us thinking about the importance of values in leadership, and about identifying and defining what is central to our own leadership styles.  Both raised some interesting points – in particular, Sarah’s focus on values influencing everyday actions, and the idea of looking for leadership from people who don’t hold formal management/leadership roles, got me thinking about ways to put that idea into practice to get the most out of my team.

We then had the opportunity to participate in a strength finding exercise, which involved others listening to our stories and providing feedback on what they heard as our strengths – certainly a new way of conceptualising strengths, and one that will be easy and effective to use in ‘real life’.  We also had a chance to network and meet up with our pre-assigned buddies for the duration of the program, and the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences is something that I have already found to be valuable.  Looking forward to the rest of the program!