ILP Day 3 Guest Blog

11 June 2013 By Stacey Jewell, Transport Accident Commission

Day 3 of the Ignite Leadership program, and what a way to kick it off with a speed dating activity to get the brain cells pumping and stimulation flowing. For all you aspiring leaders on the single scene, don't get too excited at your future relationship prospects; this was more a chance to reflect on the week that has been including our insights, inspiration and learnings from the first two days in the leadership program, while having a bit of fun along the way.

We were then excited by our first guest speaker, Ulli Baxter, who broadened our minds to the challenges and strategies of driving change. An interesting eye opener to understand change models and which could be effective to use in our own workplaces. A popular fit for most being the Phases of Change Model. Ulli facilitated discussion to help us explore the initiatives we currently use to lead change in the workplace and the difficulties many of us face with supporting and leading staff through this process. The key points to resonate with me being honesty, transparency and communication with staff to help them understand the change journey vision and purpose, what this looks like, and how I as a leader can make this transition meaningful, supportive and opportunistic for our staff. A stand out activity was unpacking the theory that it is not the fear of change that most find difficult, it is the fear of loss.

Next thing we are back up on our feet and our course facilitator, Louise Thomson, helped us to further explore ourselves using the SDI tool. We each gained an eye opening understanding of how we truly deal with conflict. You may think you have a handle of what your strengths and weaknesses are in conflict already, however, I can assure you this workshop left all of us thinking more deeply into the layers of ourselves, reflecting on our values, and understanding that of others. A great Segway to the introduction of our next guest speaker, Dana Einestein.

Dana, a wonderfully passionate, honest and energetic speaker took us on the journey to understanding Emotional Intelligence - a key insight into our own emotional intelligence and the importance of self awareness. Most of us were surprised at the number of emotions there even are that we can experience (who would have said they were feeling repugnant?). We learned how having exceptional self awareness of our owns emotions and knowing our emotional limits, can affect the way we understand and positively interact with others. We explored ways that we can use our emotional intelligence to effectively influence situations of conflict in the workplace.

The charismatic Corrine Armour came in last and strong as our final guest speaker for the day. Corrine led our group through some engaging activities to help us grasp the concept of coaching. We went into work shop mode to unpack how coaching can empower others to achieve meaningful goals. I took one for the team and 'volunteered' (with the 'help' from my esteemed colleagues), for Corrine to coach me in front of the group on a workplace issue. I was hoping to dissect and gain insight into how I can better deal with the situation. With a clear goal in mind we went for it, and 'hey presto' (no a rabbit didn't come out of my hat), it was an action plan coming out of my mouth before I knew it. Or, one might argue, I knew it and just needed a little coaching to help me understand and commit to it. 

Stacey Jewell - Acting Senior Case Officer at the Transport Accident Commission and 'first time blogger enthusiast'.