ILP Blog October 2013 Day 1

14 October 2013 By Naomi Kubina, Inner East Community Health Service

The first thing that struck me is that learning is our responsibility. There was a lot of emphasis on connecting with others to learn from them. Leadership challenges across all sectors are similar and it is easy to find someone going through similar challenges to you. But you have to be willing to put yourself out there and connect with other people to find out their stories. It doesn't take too long to find similar challenges and learn what's worked for others.


The ladder of inference was also a focus. Oh how true it is. It is something we see all the time - 2 people exposed to the same meeting and the same things said and each comes out with a vastly different perspective. Fascinating! It challenges us to think about our own inferences and whether things can be viewed differently. There's always a different way of viewing things.

Then we learnt about strengths based leadership. I have heard a lot about strengths based approaches in healthcare when working with clients and have practiced in this way when working as a clinician. So strengths based leadership rang true for me. I liked this approach to practice more of what you are good at rather than try to spend your time fixing problems. We were also asked to think about our brand - one word that describes what we are about.