4 November 2013 By Jodie Flood, Hobsons Bay City Council

Walking into the final day of the Igniting Leadership program was bittersweet – exciting that I was in for another day of keen insights and learning, sad to know that this invaluable time was coming to an end. 

Communication was the focus of the day and our first speaker, Wade Keenan, brought in some reality checks on the at times brutal corporate environment, and shared three powerful questions that frame his relationship building:

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Are you committed to excellence?
  3. Do you care about me as a person?

Our second speaker, Ellie Payne, helped me see the ways that formal and informal networks can support me on my leadership journeys, and we had some fun discovering Ubuntu – a term that loosely translates as ‘celebrating the common bond that exists between us all’.

The afternoon was spent reflecting on the insights on ourselves and on leadership over the previous five days in the form of vision boards and most importantly, the leadership commitments that we will each action in the weeks ahead.

Updating our peers on our workplace challenges gave us the opportunity to share our successes and to steady ourselves for the continued work ahead.  LV’s leader-in-residence, Chris Kotur (all the way back!) on Day 1 said that leadership is about the sustained enthusiasm on a journey from Point A to Point B.  The final workplace challenge discussions remind me that the path is sometimes more akin to a rollercoaster than a straight line.

Igniting Leadership has been unlike any professional development experience I’ve encountered (in the best way possible!) and has provided me with countless lessons, tools and techniques that will benefit not only myself, but my organisation and my community.

Jodie Flood is the Digital Content/Branch Co-ordinator at Hobsons Bay City Council.  She leads teams in delivering library services in both the physical and digital environments.