ILP Guest Blog: Day 5

6 May 2013 By Abby Pearce, KPMG

Day 5…final day of our program.  The day is met with anticipation, sadness, but also a burning question ““Where to now? What can I do with this new found knowledge?”

Today has certainly provided a time to reflect on the program’s key messages and to think about the future.  Personally, I enjoyed the chance to take time-out and reflect on not only my own leadership style, but what I would like my leadership style to look like.  Where are the gaps?  What could I be doing better?  These questions now seem easy to answer.  I am no longer focusing on the “why?”  but the “why not?” 

At the conclusion of the day, we were all provided with the opportunity to share our own leadership commitment/s.  This really summarised everyone’s key learnings from the 5 days and it was so interesting to hear such varied thoughts and ideas.  Every individual commitment was so different.

It is quite fitting that our 5 day ILP experience has ended on the first day of a new month as it really feels like a new beginning.  A chance to change the things about ourselves that we want and need to and a chance to deliver on our leadership commitment/s. 

I would like to thank everyone for their open and valuable contributions throughout the 5 days.