ILP Blog Day 2

30 May 2014 By Guest Blog

We were all really excited to head back to Old Treasury House for Day 2 of the program.

Cynthia started the day by showing us the dancing man and us all learning that it’s OK to be a lone nut or to follow the lone nut, as often this is when the magic happens.

Richard Dent, the Executive Director of Leadership Victoria lead us in a discussion about well known leaders and we all reflected on the influence, vision and ethics that leaders have.

In small groups we discussed our workplace challenges. I found this to be incredibly valuable hearing about the diverse roles others have but the similar challenges we all face.

Angela Rutter discussed values in leadership. In an incredibly insightful discussion we identified common values that we all share but how values often get confused and misrepresented.

We finished the day with a debate on “Whether leaders are born or made”. The Affirmative team took home the prize by a point. We finished the day by taking the time to recognise and show our appreciation for others. I wanted to thank Natasha for sharing her brown paper back leadership framework she has introduced in the aged care industry and Nick for consistently bringing energy.