22 October 2013 By Simone Quin, CRC for Mental Health Ltd

Day two of the Ignite Leadership program was one of self-analysis and reflection. The day provided a life time opportunity to consider our own values and how they influence our potential as leaders. 

The morning commenced with a five person team based discussion and review of a workplace issue that each of us had brought to the program. The review followed a Harvard based approach. I presented my issue to my team members in a condensed format, they then asked questions and following that I was asked to leave while they discussed the issue between them.

When I returned to the group I was given feedback on possible ways of dealing with that issue and so I left with morning with a number of possible strategies  to deal with that problem – some I had not previously considered. I then did the same for each of their issues. 

The afternoon involved introspective reflection about what is important to us in work and life. Angela Rutter of the Australian Conservation Foundation conducted a workshop that assisted us to identify our own values and what might have shaped those values. 

We received results of our Strength Deployment Inventory, basically it identifies our personal strengths and where they sit on the spectrum.

Aspects of the day were raw and confronting. When else do you get the chance to spend that amount of time to reflect and assess? The experience was unique.