14 October 2013 By Tony Cavedon, UnitingCare Community Options

Day 2 of the Igniting Leadership program and I found myself engrossed in thought provoking discussions and dilemmas, and challenged with opportunities to take risks in a safe environment. I had the chance to learn from others in the group, and discover common struggles we have in common. I especially  valued the genuine connections with others which I hope will endure way beyond the course itself.


We had fertile debates about great leaders and highlighted the importance of ethics and the consistency of ethics in leadership. We also discussed how great leaders are good at selling possibilities and visions. We had fantastic speakers who generated discussions and revelations about leadership roles, styles and values.

After looking at famous leaders and their qualities, it highlighted for me that although I make many mistakes, its really important to keep focusing on my personal and professional values of social justice, honesty, integrity and respect. I ended up taking a risk and volunteered to participate in an experiential activity (which I was right out of my comfort zone and feeling apprehensive). But it was really worth it because leaders need to take risks and it was good practice for me! I’d like to leave you with a couple of thoughts from the day which resonated with me.

“Great leaders have a compass not a roadmap on their journey.”


“Every day you can make a difference – you need to decide what kind of a difference.”

Tony Cavedon is a Program Manager at UnitingCare Community Options . He leads a team of Case Managers who work with people with disabilities, and is currently setting up a pilot program called Homeshare, supporting people to remain living independently in the community.