ILP Blog - Day 5

27 August 2013 By Lyndal Box, Worksafe

Do you know how it feels when you really challenge yourself?


Sometimes you feel vulnerable as you explore who you really are. Sometimes you feel energized as you make plans for what you aspire to achieve. Sometimes you feel sad as you reflect on a missed opportunity and sometimes you feel joyous when you recognise your strengths and put them to great use.

The greatest lesson I have learned in my Igniting Leadership journey is the importance of constantly challenging myself no matter how uncomfortable it may be. 

We have certainly been challenged over the past five days. At some point each one of us has been a public speaker, a motivator, an artist, a counsellor, a listener, a group therapist, a visionary, a coach, an improviser, a journalist, a humourist and a soul searcher. Our experiences and takeaway messages have been numerous and different. 

Here are my takeaway messages from the communication focus of our final day:


Jill Calder – Communication

  • Have the moral courage not to leave important things “unsaid”
  • Focus on what the audience needs when developing a proposal

Ken Munro - Influence your network

  • Email is often used as a way of asserting power
  • Authority does not equal leadership

Louise Thomson

  • Our strengths become our weaknesses when overdone
  • Tailoring recognition to suit each individual will make the recognition more meaningful to them

And definitely not least of all . . . . networks are vital.

I look forward to networking with you in the future.