Igniting Leadership Series 3 - reflections

5 August 2015 By Nicole Seretis, Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Igniting Leadership Program – Blog – 30/07/15

Hi! Nicole here, reporting on day one of Igniting Leadership with Leadership Victoria!

Wow, what a day! I think the biggest take away from the day for me is the power of stories. We heard from two inspiring leaders who both used stories to engage us, promote the benefits of leadership qualities and to provoke reflections, challenges and questions for ourselves.

Stories were also told by course participants, a friendly and diverse bunch. Stories and experiences which were courageous and insightful and genuinely made me think more creatively.

Leaving the course today I vow to be better at using stories to portray messages, visions and to engage people and to inspire people to think outside the square.

We actively participated in a number of workshops and one of my favourites was strengths based feedback, an activity that involved telling a success story and the other participants listening for strengths in your story and providing this feedback back to you at the end of the story. I got those fuzzy feel good feeling and a few surprises in terms of strengths I hadn’t seen in my self.

A big thank you to the presenters, our host Louise and all the participants on a successful, challenging and inspiring first day.

Special thankyous to my table team and your inspiring attitudes: Leanne – you are hard working and a real ‘go getter’, Mike – you are charismatic and articulate and Briony – you are humble and dedicated!

Nicole Seretis – Manager Quality Assurance – Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade

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