Igniting Leadership Program: The First Follower

1 May 2016 By Carly Moorfield, Communications Manager, Victorian Ombudsman

Like many people rocking up to work on a Friday, we eased into things by  watching YouTube. The video of the dancing guy’ opened our eyes, not only to some formidable dance moves, but to the idea of the ‘first follower’. The first person to stand by a leader can transform them from a ‘lone nut’ to a visionary and be crucial in creating change.

Later that morning, Dana Eisenstein ran a session on emotional intelligence. Ninety minutes flew by, with Dana covering topics such as intuition and body language, and asking us questions like, 'what am I like on my worst day? On my best day?'.
Rather than a post-lunch slack-off, we delved into the deep waters of values, led by Saya Lorback, LV Leadership Development Facilitator. We explored concepts of passion, identity, feelings and authenticity. To labour the metaphor, Saya and Dana both referenced the iceberg model, where we reveal 10% of ourselves to the world through our behaviour, with the remaining 90% existing below the surface, ready to be discovered by ourselves and others.
We ended the week with the ramshackle brilliance of our own great debate, arguing whether the ends justify the means. Despite the affirmative putting forward Masterchef, soap stars and weary racegoers carrying high heels to make their case, it was the negative team who carried the day.

Carly Moorfield is the Communications Manager at the Victorian Ombudsman.