Igniting Leadership Program: Day Three by Stephanie Elsdon

3 July 2012 By Stephanie Elsdon

Stephanie Elsdon
Stephanie Elsdon

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Here Stephanie Elsdon, a participant in ILP for June 2012, reflects on day three of the program:

Wow, what an amazing day! Today was easily the most actioned packed and the energy did not cease throughout the day. There were three incredibly inspiring guest speakers and then no one could forget the great debate.

The first speaker was Ms Ulli Baxter from Ambulance Victoria, discussing change within organisations. Ulli provided a fantastic insight into types of change, phases of change and various processes that can be used to ensure organisational change is successful and embedded into culture. Ulli also discussed the importance of resilience and consulting with those who may be affected by the change. One key message I took from Ulli’s presentation was that people don’t fear change, they fear loss. This includes loss of status, job security, confidence, routine or even power and control. This is something that I will always remember.

After Ulli’s presentation we completed a literature review of an article called, The Leader and the Gang: Reflecting on Leadership, by Prof Glyn Davis. This article was then subject to our debate topic. As someone who avoids public speaking at any cost, I could not believe I actively volunteered to be a debate speaker. Not only did I volunteer to become a speaker but I also volunteered to speak first! Ahh! I can only put this down to the supportive and encouraging environment created the diverse participants and facilitators at Leadership Victoria’s Igniting Leadership Program.

After the great debate, we heard from another highly respected and insightful speaker, Mr Peter FitzGerald from Executive Empowerment. Peter spoke on the importance of coaching. He explained the differences between coaching, mentoring and counselling in the workplace. I was personally overwhelmed by the amount of valuable information I learnt from listening to Peter speak. Luckily I took pages of notes which allowed me time to absorb all of the rich information Peter shared with us. I have no doubt that I will apply this information in my daily life both in and out of the workplace and into the future.

Following Peter’s presentation we heard from the lovely Joanne Marriot from Marriott Ideas and Solutions. Joanne was extremely engaging and taught us about Emotional Intelligence (EI). This was a totally new concept to me and really gave me a deeper insight into myself and the way my own emotions impact others around me. Joanne’s presentation on Emotional Intelligence was yet another ‘life lesson’ I have taken from this program, a notion that I will use in both my personal and professional life into the future.      

This concluded the end of day three. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in Leadership Victoria’s Igniting Leadership Program. I am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that has been open-heartedly shared by the guest speakers and completely inspired to change both my personal and professional life for the better. I guess all I can say is ‘thank you’ to the lovely facilitator Cynthia, staff at Leadership Victoria, highly respected guest speakers and my fellow participants for making this such an incredible and enjoyable experience.

Stephanie completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer Science) at RMIT University in 2005. She then commenced her career with the Victoria Police before transitioning to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).  Stephanie is currently acting in the role of a Senior Lump Sum Coordinator and is passionate about ensuring that the TAC remains a long-term compensation scheme by using its funds fairly and responsibly so that it can meet the needs of seriously injured people who need lifetime care. Outside of her professional life, Stephanie is an avid dog-lover and is passionate about animal welfare. She has recently adopted a dog from a rescue organisation called Rescued with Love Inc.