Igniting Leadership Program Blog by Renee Bowker

26 June 2012 By Renee Bowker

Renee Bowker
Renee Bowker

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Here Renee Bowker, a participant in ILP for June 2012, reflects on the first few days of the program:

It is Day Two of the Igniting Leadership Program in Melbourne, and the participants seem eager to begin.  The first day has been a journey of inspiring stories, contemplation of leadership qualities and general interaction that yanks you from your comfort zone and makes you realise that this course really is about igniting something – and you hope that it’s leadership.

The speakers are inspiring over-achievers who happily share their views of leadership in a frank and sometimes unsettlingly honest way.  The Chatham House Rule generates a strong feeling of trust and openness from the speakers, which in turn encourages participants to share their stories – sometimes for the first time. 

The activities are largely based on interaction with the other participants – getting their feedback on a variety of issues from values and strengths to workplace challenges.  Given the quality of people in the room, this makes perfect sense, and some of the most astonishing moments arise from the objective feedback from a fellow participant.

The room is positively charged with ideas, encouragement, admiration for the guest speakers, and a hunger for learning and personal development.  There are light bulb moments happening all over the place – participants creating frameworks for deciphering the meaningful experiences of their lives, identifying the underlying values that shape their behaviour and looking for key moments in the development of their leadership style.

The course structure pre-empts the elated exhaustion at the end of the second day by giving you a six-day break before the next session.  Despite the exhaustion, you really feel like you’re developing; like you have new insights into leadership, like you know yourself better and what you need to do to be a better leader.  The world is full of possibilities…

And you’re not even half way through the course! 

Renee Bowker is Chief Executive Officer of the Telco Together Foundation. Through industry wide fundraising and technology initiatives, the Telco Together Foundation is aiming to unite the  telecommunications industry in support of disadvantaged communities around Australia.