Igniting Leadership Program Blog by Lisa Barlow

4 July 2012 By Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow
Lisa Barlow

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Here Lisa Barlow, a participant in ILP for June-July 2012, reflects on the program after day four:

When I was asked by my Manager whether I would like to attend the Igniting Leadership Program I thought why not!  I hadn’t done any formal leadership training before and being fairly new to management thought I could pick up a few pointers along on the way that might be useful.  Now at the end of day four, I could never have imagined how much I would learn and take away from the program. I have an overwhelming feeling of being inspired to strive to be a better, stronger, confident and motivating leader, not only for my staff and peers but for myself both professionally and personally.

Day four started out with guest speaker James Garriock from Insync Surveys Pty Ltd. James oozed energy with every topic he spoke of. His energy was infectious and I couldn’t help but sit upright on my chair with my eyes glued to him bouncing around the floor thinking this guy absolutely loves what he does and it is so evident in his body language. I particularly liked his comment, “you need to be what people need you to be”… meaning it doesn’t matter what kind of a day you’ve had, you keep the two-year-old that really wants to kick and scream and say it like it is, inside of you, because you know that’s not what other people want or need to hear right now.   

After James’ presentation we then revisted our personal Workplace Challenges in our small groups.  We each had the opportunity to evaluate our progress.  I felt pleased that my group thought I’d made great inroads into tackling my challenges. Encouragement from ILP participants who are totally removed from my workplace environment is rewarding.

After lunch we were very fortunate to have our second guest speaker Dr Ranjana Srivastava, a medical oncologist at Southern Health. Ranjana had the room captivated by her stories and her life’s journey thus far. It was quite an emotional session for me and I could not imagine having the conversations Ranjana has with her patients, but I know that while doing so she earns the respect of her patients and their families, and reaffirms compassion at the core of the healing profession.

Ranjana focuses on empowering patients to make decisions that are right for them, with honesty and empathy.  Ranjana highlighted the importance of finding good mentors in life.  A good mentor is the one that is going to push you to do what you probably wouldn’t have done by yourself.  She also reminded us that there will always be people in life that say you don’t fit the mould.  Ranjana has published her first book Tell me the Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and Death and I was lucky enough to skip away with a signed copy…Yah !!!

Day five, which is the final day, promises to be about Communication… something which I am keen to improve my skills on.  Revisiting our workplace challenges will also be a topic for the day and I’m looking forward to sharing with my group how I’ve further progressed with this.

The team at Leadership Victoria have been amazing.  They are very professional, friendly and informative.  The stature of guest speakers is a credit to them and speaks volumes for the program.   I shall be recommending this program “with bells on” to my peers.

Lisa is the Accountant with Cobaw Community Health Services based in Kyneton where she commenced in 2010. Lisa has a Bachelor degree in Accounting which she completed in 1996.  She has held a number of Accounting positions over the years and in the past has worked for large corporates such as CSR and Rio Tinto.   She now heads the finance team at CCHS which consists of three part time employees. CCHS is a not for profit Health Services organisation primarily funded by the government to provide a range of health related services to support the local community.