Igniting Leadership Program Blog by Halil Ahmet

4 July 2012 By Halil Ahmet

Halil Ahmet
Halil Ahmet

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Here Halil Ahmet, a participant in ILP for June 2012, reflects on day three of the program:

Day Three of the Igniting Leadership course (28 June 2012) at the Old Treasury Building. 

I found the previous two days of the course a lot more thought provoking than what I had expected.  I was keen to hear more, but when I looked at the agenda and saw three speakers and a debate – I thought, wow there’ll be a lot to get through.

The theme of day three was “Change”.  Ulli Baxter of Ambulance Victoria, (a Change Specialist – great title) presented “Change: Drivers and Dynamics”.  We discussed why 75% of organisational change initiatives fail; ways of implementing change and Ulli provided a “change toolkit”.  I took away that a lot of preparatory work needs to happen for effective change, not surprising but I think the tool provided would help put a structure around it to achieve a positive outcome – I’ll keep it handy.

A group activity involving discussion on The Leader and the Gang: Reflection on Leadership, by Prof Glyn Davis found that a number of people disagreed or at least questioned some of the statements put forward.  The literature went on to generate the debate topic (essentially are we wasting our time doing the course because you’re either born a leader or your not).  A very entertaining activity - hats off to all the speakers.

We then had a zip, zap, bong “brown paper bag” session – ask Tiffany.

The speaker directly after lunch was Peter Fitzgerald of Executive Coaching.  Peter discussed coaching, mentoring and counselling and about the shift from “doing” to “leading”.  We delved a little into how our minds work – fascinating stuff, could have engaged in this for hours.  Peter also introduced us to the GROW model for coaching and provided a skill development guideline which I thought was a practical tool that I could see myself using.

The final speaker for the day was Joanne Marriott of Marriott Ideas and Solutions.  Joanne took us into the world of Emotional Intelligence (EI). I enjoy this topic and so enjoyed the discussion that took place around the (significant) role of EI in people management skills.

The speakers were very engaging with heaps of useful information - both in their subject matter and their personal stories (of their first leadership experience or crucible).  I also found it valuable to hear a number of the trainees relating their experiences to the topics being discussed. 

All in all, an extremely thought provoking day – probably too thought provoking.  You need time to absorb/reflect on all that is presented, so perhaps three speakers on one day is probably one too many. 

Halil Ahmet is a Senior Occupational Hygienist with WorkSafe Victoria.  His role includes providing occupational hygiene advice to WorkSafe Inspectors and workplaces across the State on topics such as asbestos, noise, lead, spray painting and solvents.  Halil also provides advice to both the State and National policy and legislation makers on various occupational hygiene related Regulations, Codes and guidance material.