Igniting Leadership Program Blog: Series 3 Day 1

17 July 2014 By Guest Blog - Anna Di Pietrantonio

Engaged, the one word that sums up the day for me.

Had completed my readings, answered my questions and introduced myself to my buddy.

As morning tea drew closer I thought I knew what to expect. Sitting at a table with some nice, knowledgable people that I could have a chat with, some deeper thinkers that would challenge my assumptions and improve my practice.  Then our first speaker walked in Matt Pfahlert (Igniting Leadership) presented his personal story as a social entrepreneur, wow.  I had written quotes on leadership including, "bacon and eggs, the hog is committed and the chook is involved" and "managers do things right, leadership is doing the right things".

After lunch Matt Vincent (are you ready to lead?) presented and I was floored for a second time.  An open, insightful no hold bar presentation, driving home the point to reflect often and seek out feedback.  My take home, be open to learning and reflecting because leadership can be taught, improved and refined.

Louise presented the ladder of inference and we completed our work place challenge.  A little outside of the my comfort zone, but i survived and learnt more about myself.

Ending the day I realised that the thought that has gone into planning this training was in depth, meeting and spending time with my buddy was evidence of that, they just got it right.

I am intrigued, excited and slightly hesitant on what the next four days will bring.

Anna Di Pietrantonio Executive Manager of Disability Solutions with UnitingCare lifeAssist has been in this role since January 2014.  Her background is in Disability and she has worked in the Disability sector for over 14 years.