Igniting Leadership - Day Five, by Tiffany Loft

25 July 2012 By Tiffany Loft

Tiffany Loft
Tiffany Loft

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Here Tiffany Loft, a participant in ILP for June-July 2012, reflects on day five of the program:

It was with a slight pang of sadness that I began Day 5; the last day of the Igniting Leadership program. Nonetheless, a packed program was on the agenda, just as with the other four days. We got straight into it.

We heard from two very engaging speakers, beginning with the ABC’s Randall Mathieson, who spoke on the importance of maintaining and managing relationships. I found Randall’s insights and reflections extremely relevant and useful. I continue to build relationships of my own as I go through my career.

Next up was Luke Hockley of Midnightsky, who presented on networking. Luke’s session was perhaps the most insightful session on the subject I’ve been involved in. He not only challenged us to make networking activity work for us, but also suggested that we are better networkers than we think we are, and we do it more than we think we do.

Now that I’m able to reflect on the program as a whole, one of my key take-outs is the importance of authenticity in leadership. In fact, I learnt that there is no point assuming that a leader has one specific skill set, or that one acquires skills just as one checks items off a “To Do” list. Nor does leadership happens only when one attains a certain level of seniority. Rather, one can be a leader in the context of many things, of which people is only one area.

In fact, our small graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the day contained some very authentic moments, and I felt privileged to share them with the group that I’d come to know and respect over the days and weeks of the program. I look forward to continuing to building these relationships now that the program has ended.

Tiffany Loft is the Marketing Coordinator at Arts Victoria. She can also be found online via @tiffanyloft.