Igniting Leadership Program: a report from day three

18 May 2012 By Melinda Crimp

Melinda Crimp
Melinda Crimp

The Igniting Leadership program brings together young leaders and immerses them in a rich learning environment. The program offers a mix of dynamic guest speakers, scenario-based discussion and collaboration.

When I embarked upon the Igniting Leadership program, I was unsure what to expect. I knew that I’d be in the company of other managers and leaders, some new to it (like myself) and others more experienced. But I had been a little unsure of how the program would play out. How would I find it? Would it be interesting? Would we have to perform dreaded role-plays? How would they possibly fill five days with interesting and useful content?

Here is what’s happened thus far.

How would I find it?

Stimulating, challenging, rewarding, and enlightening, and that’s just a beginning. Thus far the program has allowed me the opportunity to gain great insights from amazing co-participants, who have been very generous with their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Would it be interesting?

Interesting? Definitely. But the way the program is structured means that it has more than captured my interest; it also intrigues, challenges and supports me to explore these higher concepts of leadership. Sounds pretentious: but isn’t.

Would we have to perform dreaded role-plays?

We did have to do that once. But I surprised myself by strangely enjoying it.

How could they possibly fill five days with interesting and useful content?

By offering a diverse range of discussions and activities, the program has been fast-paced and consistently engaging.

The guest speakers have been knowledgeable, thought-provoking and entertaining.

I have long held the opinion that there are so many dreadfully unqualified public speakers that one should have to obtain a licence to address an audience. Fortunately all the speakers on the Ignite program are confident and experienced drivers of discussion, with a great deal of insight to share.

The collaborative approach of the program keeps things interesting. In an open and trusting environment, we have been given the opportunity to workshop our own workplace challenges, drawing upon the expertise of other leaders with great experience to share. We’ve coached, debated, inspired, encouraged and influenced one another. It’s been invaluable.


Melinda Crimp, Senior Project Editor

Victoria Law Foundation