Igniting Leadership 2014: Series 1, Day 1

6 April 2014 By Andrew Gower

Igniting leadership Program: 2014 series 1 – Day 1 Blog

Leadership Course (n): relaxing few days out of the office learning soft skills with little time to implement them when back in the work place.

Well, that preconception was challenged before we even began. Articles to read, homework to do and a buddy to meet. This was all getting a bit full on, and I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. 5 relaxing days were suddenly looking like hard work.

Day 1 of the Igniting Leadership Program began bright and early; a morning run under my belt (always looking for ways to get more steps for the day) and, being up the other end of town (the nice end that I wish I could work in), a new coffee place to find.

Day 1 was all about challenging oneself to think differently. What is Leadership? How is it different to management? And how do you get ‘it’? Am I ready to be a leader?

Two inspiring speakers talking about their journey and how they gained leadership was great - an opportunity to hear from leaders I had never dreamed of. The key themes were ‘Reflection’ and ‘leadership is a craft, keep nurturing it’: reflection on what went well, what went wrong and how to do things better the next day, and what helps nurturing it.

Now for a quiet evening before going back into the crucible again for Day 2.

Andrew Gower is an Actuary at Medibank. Andrew’s role involves advising the business on the implications of product design and profitability performance. He is also a part time cyclist and trumpeter.