Igniting Leadership - July 2016

17 July 2016 By Avalon Wainwright

I have attended many leadership programs that promise to take participants out of their comfort zone and whilst that sometimes does occur throughout the course of the workshop, the feeling does not tend to last. Which is not necessarily a bad thing!

The agenda was flexible (we had a large number of attendees and people were eager to share Buddy Introductions, so some agenda items were ever so slightly shifted) and I was impressed by the individual roles each table was responsible for and the gusto with with each table accepted and performed these roles.

Unsure of what to expect from our guest speakers, Maryum Chaudhry and Tesfaye Yigzawe, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the interesting backgrounds of each, what their drivers and motivators were and that both found themselves more towards the "start" of their leadership career rather than the traditional, well-experienced and accomplished guest speakers which I have previously experienced at other programs. It made for a refreshing and engaging change!

Listening to the other attendees' Buddy Introductions, addressing questions with my fellow table companions and participating in the 'strengths based feedback' session with others from neighbouring tables, highlighted the genuine, warm and dedicated nature of the participants of this program. Like myself, they see this as an opportunity to continue to learn and develop and are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to do so.

Ending day one of the program with Richard Dent's "Leadership Dissected" presentation was particularly challenging but also fun! We were encouraged to be creative in our thinking, and in pretending to either be the antagonist or the protagonist, the group truly "dissected" the example provided in an inclusive, engaging, and unique manner which I haven't experienced before.

I find myself curious and eager to experience the offerings of the remaining days of the program.

Avalon Wainwright is a Team Leader at State Trustees Limited. Her role includes managing two teams. The Genealogical Research Team assists in the location and identification of next of kin entitled to a distribution from a deceased estate and the Will Writing Team serves to provide excellent customer service and expertise in the writing of Wills and various EPAs.