Igniting Leadership Program: Day One by Erin Kan

6 August 2012 By Erin Kan

Erin Kan
Erin Kan

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Erin Kan, a participant in ILP for August 2012, reflects on the program:

Our first task on Day One of the Igniting Leadership Course, was to write down what we wanted to get out of the course and what our expectations were. To be honest, I felt a bit silly writing down, “I want to get the self confidence to actually believe that I’m already a leader in my organisation.”

That thought stayed with me during the day as we went through each session. I’m not usually a fan of training courses and development programs having had less than desirable experiences throughout my career. Yet, my mentor suggested that I attend this one and while I resisted, I’m actually really glad that she hounded me to register until I finally did!

Our first guest speaker, Matt Phalert, was extremely inspiring, and I felt like I shared some similarities with him. He was extremely young when he first started his company and somehow became a leader without realising. Although, I hadn't followed the same career path as he had in social justice, I saw the same parallels that I had become a leader at a very young age. I never understood the role that I played helping my direct team and also peers come along the change journey.

But throughout the day, with our other guest speaker Janenne Willis and also with some leadership exercises including the ‘Ladder of Inference’ and ‘The Cruicibles’, I started to have a bit of an epiphany that actually, maybe I did have the self-confidence to be a leader. I can finally accept the role that I have been playing and have the opportunity to take my leadership to the next level with some pretty nifty tools to do so.

Moral of the story here: ‘your mentor knows a lot more than you do, so you probably should just shut up and listen.’