How do you build your own support crew?

29 September 2014 By Cynthia Mahoney

ILP participants working together
ILP participants working together

Introducing Cynthia Mahoney, facilitator for Leadership Victoria's Igniting Leadership Program starting on 9 October

Imagine if we all built a team of people around us who believed in us, could be there with us through the highs and lows and supported us to be the best we could be?

How powerful that could be!

What could we achieve?

That's what went through my mind when I saw an interview with the inspirational Lydia Lassila after she became the first woman to do a quadruple-twisting triple somersault in aerial skiing at the Socchi Winter Games.

Lydia spoke at length about the vital role her support crew played in her success which reinforced to me just how important the people we surround ourselves with are to our lives. She spoke of her husband, friends and family, her sponsors, her management team, her coach and mental trainer and said, “It is such a team effort and I don’t think I’d be the athlete I am today without all these people in my life. It’s been incredible”.

As a facilitator of leadership programs I’ve been so fortunate to hear the wisdom of many people, successful in their own way, all with their own strengths and talents and learnings about their leadership journey. One common theme is that they don’t do it on their own. They surround themselves with people who have different strengths to them. They have all had mentors who challenged them, raised the bar for them, shared their wisdom and offered support.

My tip? Think about your network strategically and realise you don’t have to do it on your own.

Imagine you are the CEO of 'You Inc'. Who would you want on your board of management? Or you might think of yourself as a professional athlete – who would you want in your support crew?

There are heaps of ways to connect with people and broaden your network to access new skills, perspectives and inspiration whether it be spending time in your community or with family, joining an association or starting a mastermind group, getting active on social media, reconnecting with fabulous people from your past, inviting someone to have a cup of tea with you, keeping up with your professional development, accessing some coaching or mentoring and the list goes on!

What could you do?

Finally, your network is not all a one-way street. You also play an important role for many of the people in your network. To whom could you offer support and in what way?

By taking some time out to review and re-boot our networks, I'd like to imagine we could all be achieving our own version of the quadruple-twisting triple somersault, surrounded by our own support crew.

Igniting Leadership Program at Leadership Victoria

Cynthia is the facilitator for LV's Igniting Leadership Program, designed for emerging leaders. Enrolments are closing soon!

For more information, visit the Igniting Leadership Program page at the LV website.

Program Duration
5 days (run over 3 weeks)

Venue: JJ Clark Room, Level 1, Old Treasury Building,
20 Spring Street, Melbourne

2014 ILP Program Dates
·    ILP Series 5: 9, 10, 16, 17, 31 October - this is the last series for 2014. Enrol here.