Guest Blog: A group at the October Igniting Leadership Program share their thoughts after Day One

29 October 2012 By Rebecca Douglass, Daisy Brooke, Alison Campbell, James Harman, Penny Scanlan, Matt Sinkinson

An enthusiastic group gathered together this morning for day 1 of Igniting Leadership, eager to hear others' experiences, learn a thing or two about our own leadership styles and strengths, and gather some practical tools to take away. And we weren't disappointed.

A small group of us reflected on our take-outs from the day, which included:

· It was great to hear from Jenenne Willis (Minds At Work) that the principles of leadership are not all scientific. Being a good leader is about believing in yourself.

· I'm glad to have some practical things I can take back to the workplace and use straight away. The activities really helped to put the learnings into practice.

· The structure of the day allowed us to meet everyone in the course. It's pleasantly informal, interactive and maximises the opportunity to build relationships.

· Sarah Davies (The Reach Foundation) had wonderful self insight. I was impressed by her emphasis on aligning your values to your work.

· Something I hadn't realised was that you don't have to have a plan – you just need to know what's important to you, and your career will take shape.

· Sarah's comments around us all being responsible for the communities we live in really resonated with me. I like the quote 'be the change you want to see in the world'.

· Leaders should always remember 'The North Star' – always referring to your internal compass to make sure you're on track.

So much we've been inspired by and taken in already - and we've only just begun! Can't wait for day two!