Guest Blog: ILP Day 1, April 2013

17 April 2013 By Barbara Aumer, Senior Manager, KPMG

Day 1

Today was about leadership qualities. We heard inspiring leadership stories from different speakers, and had plenty of interaction between our group (including role plays), allowing us to learn more about leadership qualities, our strengths and the ladder of inference in a fun way.


My three key thoughts from today's sessions were:


1.  Leadership does not just happen, it evolves over time similar to playing golf. You can always strive to be better. When you think it all does not work out, keep going, you are just learning and coming out stronger at the end. 

2.  I am not alone on my leadership journey. I have met a diversegroup of people today with whom I can discuss my views, test my beliefs and challenge opinions in a safe environment outside of my normal workplace. Working in the private sector, it was interesting to hear from people in similar positions in the public and not-for-profit sectors, giving me a different perspective. 

3.  One of the speakers talked about having various mentors rather than just one to support the leadership journey. It is an interesting concept, especially considering the wealth of experience, perspectives and approaches different people can bring to you.

During the course of today the facilitator and various speakers provided us with quotes, reading material and other resources on the topics discussed today. I am particularly interested to read more on positive psychology and strength based leadership. Looking at the list, it is quite long - I better get started...