Guest Blog: ILP Day 2

17 April 2013 By Sally Doncovio, Senior Policy Officer, Department of Health


Day two of the Igniting Leadership Program began with a video of the ‘dancing man’ or also know as that nut dancing by themselves that everyone remembers from the last music festival you attended. But then the video shows that the nut attracts a ‘first follower’. Others join in and the nut has been transformed into a leader and a movement is created. It was a great light hearted example to start the day off, and an opportunity to personally reflect on whether I am brave enough to be the nut and would I be brave enough to be the first follower and support those people who have the seemingly ‘crazy’ within my own organisation.  

Day two was all about values.  Richard Dent ran through some of the theory behind leadership and explained that model of vision + influence + ethics = leadership. Richard asked the rooms questions about leaders – Margaret Thatcher, Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, Atticus Finch, Mother Theresa. What do you think about these leaders? Did they have vision, influence and ethics? Richard did a fantastic job of questioning the group, challenging people and bringing them out of their comfort zones.


Angela Rutter got us thinking about our own values. What are they? Where do they come from? This made for some really open and honest conversations in the room. I personally have never truly reflected on what my values are and where they come from – I found it confronting, but also incredibly interesting and something to ponder on further.

The day finished off with Louise Thomson, walking us through the Strength Deployment Inventory - a great tool to look at what lies beneath the behaviours or ourselves and those around us.

Day two was another inspiring and thought provoking day in the Igniting Leadership Program. I’m already starting to question who I am, what type of leader I am and what type of leader I have the potential of being. Can’t wait for the rest of the course!