Guest Blog: ILP Day 3

22 April 2013 By Erin Hunter

After three days of the Igniting Leadership Program I knew I was on to something good. Each session was fruitful, insightful and challenging. So when I reflect on my experience so far, why do I feel tightness in my stomach and the notion of standing at the edge of a precipice in my mind? Hmm…

Even though I don’t know what these feelings mean for me yet, I am energised and excited at the thought of a somewhat foreboding change. There’s an opportunity presenting itself to me and I need to grab it with both hands if I am to be true to myself and my leadership potential.


Day three of ILP brought countless light-bulb moments (or ‘Aha’ moments for you Oprah fans). Wendy Lundgaard challenged us to be forward thinking and be the change we want to see. Dana Eisenstein spoke on emotional intelligence and showed us how to understand and harness our own feelings and that of others in a productive way. Peter FitzGerald taught us about changing habitual behaviours with the power of coaching and understanding the place of biology in human behaviour. Each speaker generously offered their life-experience, professional expertise and personal insights for us to learn from with practical and philosophical gems in each session.

Rarely do I get one light-bulb moment in a day, let alone multiple head nodding, ‘yes, that’s it, I get it now’ awakenings. Imagine how many light-bulbs will be lit by the end of this program. It will be up to me to harness the energy they’re emitting, grab that opportunity and jump into the unknown that is my future.

Erin Hunter is the Communications and Events Manager at Jesuit Social Services. Erin’s role involves sharing the vision, mission, values and, most importantly, the stories of the organisation with the community in order to raise awareness and gather support for its work.