Guest Blog: A group from the Igniting Leadership Program outline the highlights from Day Three

7 November 2012 By Daisy Brooke, Alison Campbell, Zoe Cocks, Michael Dunn, Jordan Lewis, Victoria Reynolds

The Day Three focus of the October Igniting Leadership Program was on dealing with change and increasing self-awareness.

For Daisy, Zoe, Jordan, Alison, Michael and Victoria, Suzanne Loubris was a highlight of Day Three. She entertained the group with stories of growing up in South Africa and her many experiences training people in emotional intelligence. A key message from Suzanne was - emotionally intelligent leaders don't just react, they choose how they will respond to a situation.  

 Other highlights included:

·         Wendy Lundgaard on "drivers of change". Wendy highlighted the importance of recognising that all change creates trauma and that the role of a leader in this process is helping people work through the change cycle: shock, denial, awareness, acceptance, experimentation, search and integration. These steps are always followed and the leader can help determine how much time is spent on each step. 

 ·         The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) Session: Most people considered conflict to be a negative concept, but many people are actually capable of rising to the challenge. 

 ·         The literature review on the Glyn Davis article on ‘The Leader and the Gang’ which emphasised that leadership traits aren't necessarily ingrained in a person, they are often situational based and emerge depending on support from the group. 

 ·         During the ‘Brown Paper Bag’ session, Victoria provided a framework for situational leadership and explained that leadership style can based on the skill of the person who are leading and the level of authority. Michael discussed System 1 and System 2 thinking based on "Thinking: Fast, Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. James provided some interesting insights from his experience as an auditor. 

 ·         Corrine Armour presented on Coaching and shared the GROW model for coaching.

 The group are looking forward to more inspirational leadership talks in the days to come!