What is an authentic leader?

17 October 2014

Nick Craig HBR 'From Purpose to Impact'
Nick Craig HBR 'From Purpose to Impact'

"Purpose is increasingly seen as the key to navigating the complex world we face today, where strategy is ever changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong"

-Nick Craig, 'From Purpose to Impact', HBR, May 2014.

When Nick Craig wrote his Harvard Business Review article, 'From Purpose to Impact', he articulated something many experienced leaders know intuitively: having a grounded, specific reason for doing something energises leaders, making their contribution genuinely impactful. (To read the article, visit Nick's website here).

Purpose works as a counterbalance to the increased complexity of the modern world. Once, scientific management or charismatic leadership were thought the best ways to move people, trying to use force to control the world is no longer effective.

Uncovering leadership purpose is not an 'external' task: it is about discovering the things that matter to you and stepping through a process that articulates those into plans and action.

Nick is visiting Australia this spring, and is Leadership Victoria's special guest speaker and facilitator at a leadership development intensive and lunch at the RACV Club on 10 November.

Participants attending this special leadership intensive will have the opportunity to actively examine what it means to be authentic and to articulate their purpose, plans and next actions.


Monday 10 November, 12pm – 2.30pm
Club Pavilion, Level 2, RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne

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Use this special leadership event as an opportunity to strengthen your leadership, build your networks and refresh your professional relationships.

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